Project Detail

Success requires not onlyhard work, but also positive attitude and energy – we have heard this in the story of Tatjana Dragutinovic, the owner and executive director of the company ‘Green Path Montenegro’, founded in February 2014.

Her company is engaged in the production and distribution of natural organic products without alkali, polofosfata, the acid and any hazardous materials which may damage the skin, and produces four product lines: for households, hair, face and body, as well as products with the green clay.

Tatjana is the participant of trainings for economic empowerment of women implemented by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and UNDP, with the support of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, in the capital of Montenegro.

‘These trainings are essential for every woman; although we live in the area of individualism we are lead to conclude what type of personality we belong to, and whether we are suited for teamwork and entrepreneurship or not’, Tatjana said.

‘There are women who make their own decisions and accept the risk that private business is carrying with itself, and there are those who prefer to sail in a quiet harbor, without liability, with stable incomes, which are lower but permanent. This training leads us into all ofthis and gives us an alternative to choose what would be best for us ?“, she said.
Tatjana engages into lifelong learning, and is an active participant in the mentoring project of Cherie Blair foundation organized by the EBRD as well as BAS Program, where she benefitted from incentive measures for her on-line sale platform.